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Program for PVC windows suppliers

On this page you can watch two short films presenting the PVC Windows Designer program. The first presents the general process of generating orders, and the other shows in more details the operation of the module design.


Orderís generation

At the beginning a new blank order is created. You enter customer data, and then move on to drawing of the first window. Window frame is drawn together with two mullions and three sashes. Filling and muntin are added . The user then selects the profile, color, type of muntin, hardware and glazing bead. The price of the window is entered and saved in the order.

The next step is to create a second window on the basis of the first. After removal of muntins and changing directions of hardware, profile, glazing bead and price are also changed. So amended window is saved as a second window of the order.

The user then adds three accessories to the order, changes the customerís discount and opens a print preview. At the end the user saves the entire order to the database.

The final step is to change the status of the order

Design module

The first step is to put window frame of given dimensions in the picture. The function of frame and height alteration is then demonstrated. User adds horizontal mullion and immediately corrects its position relative to the upper edge of the frame. In the bottom of the window a horizontal mullion and a vertical one are arranged. Then the two parts of the horizontal mullion are removed. In the upper area of the window, the user enters the bottom hung sash and immediately changes it to a fixed sash. At the bottom of it the user adds two sashes, left-side hung one and tilt & turn one and places fillings and muntins in all parts of the window.

Next, the user selects a profile from the list, but immediately abandons it and enters a new profile. The user adjusts the thickness of the component profile, selects the type of color and muntin. However, the user abandons muntin and enters a new one with new thickness. Then selects the type of hardware and glazing bead, writes the price of the window and saves them in the order.

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