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Program for PVC windows suppliers

We invite you to become familiar with our company’s computer program for design and valuation of PVC windows called PVC Windows Designer. Unlike many existing programs on the market for manufacturers of PVC windows, the PVC Windows Designer program is designed specifically for suppliers of PVC windows.

The description of program

The PVC Windows Designer program is directed to the PVC windows suppliers. It allows the easy and quick preparation of contracts and tenders for final customers.

Intuitiveness and ease of use

The special function allows the creation of drawings with the usage of graphical design module that gained special recognition of users for its ease and the use of intuitiveness. The addition of more elements of a window is reduced to one, two or three mouse clicks. It is possible to modify a previously drawn window by changing or removing its individual elements.

The multiplicity of language versions

Another important advantage of the PVC Windows Designer program is the multiplicity of language versions. The program is available in versions in main European languages. If necessary we can prepare any other language version in a week without incurring any additional costs for the customer.
For the price of one license program, the client may get any language versions they wish. For example, buying one copy of a program, the client may receive a polish version, english, italian and any other, and only pay for one license.
Additionally, the program allows for the valuation of contracts in any currency.

The generation and valuation of PVC windows orders

The main function of the PVC Windows Designer program is generating, printing and storing windows orders. These orders can be also regarded as an offer for customers.
The program allows you to save in the procurement of all necessary information among which the most important is of course the list of windows, but also a list of accessories. The orders are determined and any parameters for pricing as the cost of assembly, the rates of tax and discounts for the customer. At each window, it is possible to put a short note. You can also put a general note to the whole order.
The program calculates the weight of all the windows in the order on the basis of a special rate.

The calculation of thermal transmittance factor Uw

The advantage of the program is also a function of accurately calculating the thermal transmittance factor Uw. The program does this automatically. This information shall include in the print order.

Save of once used windows’ elements

The program saves profiles, hardware, colors, glazing beads, muntins, fillings, and accessories used in the design window. They can be used later when designing next windows without need to enter their newly.

Free updates

Users of the PVC Windows Designer are entitled to free updates. The information of new versions of the program are sent via e-mails.

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